Spanish Teaching Services was started in Vancouver Canada in 1997 by Patricia Martínez, as a way to formalize what she had been doing since 1994 as a private Spanish tutor. Three years later, the business was expanded, as it changed location, and as Nohra Jacobsen joined Patricia. The nature ofthe business became a partnership.

     The knowledge and experience accumulated over the years provides STS, a strong confidence to engage in new challenges. As a result of this, in 2007 as part of the Celebration of its 10th Anniversary, STS organized a special concert with an accomplished folk music group “Bola Suriana” from Mexico.



Also around the same time, STS released an unique CD called “Cafe Amigo” for people who are self-learners.    

     The continuous growth of interest in Spanish as a second language compels the business to expand once again by broadening the previously service - oriented philosophy into a new service.

      Spanish Teaching Services is implementing a new approach of teaching Spanish Online by using its own teaching videos and complementary exercises which are more meaninful in the process of learning a new language.